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It’s much more evoking than it sounds.

Cybersquatting used to be something the internet really cared a lot about, but now that it’s managed mostly by corporations (who still charge you exorbitant prices for clutch names), we don’t care as much anymore. Well, we care when someone registers a goofy name like elderscrollsvihammerfell, or what have you.

Anyways, Domain Names are worth a lot now, and guessing how much they’re worth based on name alone is a fine art. Thus, from designer Martin O’Leary based on a tweet by designer Holly Gramazio, we have the game domain-pricing. It’s a shockingly evoking experience trying to guess which of two domain names costs more to buy. It’s an even more shocking experience seeing which domain names someone wants you to pay thousands of dollars for. Which is worth more, or or What would you even do with what is the website for? For training enthusiasts? Some kind of strange thing?

If you think you’ve got a good guess, you should try out Domain Pricing, which will pit two names against one another and ask which you think is the more expensive one to get your hands on. (Bear in mind that some domain names may be not safe for work. And that they’re usually the most valuable ones.)

Anyways, go play it right now and enjoy It’ll be fun, I swear. See how long a streak of right answers you can get. Our record is 15.


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